• Christopher Gromek
    These guys are great. Outstanding service and a unique menu, nice atmosphere. It seems goofy to be in a mall but its actually one of my favorite restaurants in the city.
    Chelsea Hellmuth
    The food IS really fresh!! Chicken bits are amazing, moist chicken and perfectly breaded. croutons on salad freshly made. great burgers. nice staff and clean place!
    Jessica Dollins
    We've always had a great experience here. Amazing food!!!! really great it's so creative. The service has always been great friendly and attentive. I even love the feel of the place. I've been here more then once and every time I go it's been great try the spicy mayo with your fries or burger even it's amazing.
  • Alexander Moore
    The White Buffalo is the place to be time and time again.

    First and foremost The White Buffalo is going to exceed your expectations each and every time you are lucky enough to make a visit to this amazing place. Now bear with me as I explain...

    $2.50 margaritas that are tip-top awesome
    Jalapeno potato salad
    Sweet potatoes
    seasonal fare
    great prices (talking the best bang for your buck in Lawton)
    Phenomenal service (Beverly and Cyra, both managers), are passionate about seeing that your visit is top notch)
    Accommodate substitutions without a change in price structure (it's too easy to make a substitution)
    The Chef, Christina Romeros, is trained by Le Cordon Bleu.
    The cuisine is progressive yet simple at the same time.
    The staff will take the time to get to know you.
    This is a place that is worth coming to time and time again. The menu is splendidly simple, riddled with bountiful behind the scenes flavours dressed to impress.
    You can make a visit here every day for two weeks, trying something new each time, and leave satisfied beyond report.
    Chefs/cooks will clarify your order - there synchronicity between the front and back of the house continuously I will see a cook/chef verify my order with me or the server to ensure maximum satisfaction. I feel truly valued here.
    Top notch live music is featured every Wednesday night.